Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Challenge 16....

Here we go with challenge 16, thanks to Vicki for coming up with this great challenge:

This challenge is about scrapping your quirks and idiosyncrasies . Things that you do that make you special, maybe a pet peeve or a funny habit. Maybe it's weird maybe it's's up to you!

Please upload your LO's to our gallery, leave us a link in the comments or e-mail them to by 30th July to be in with a chance of becoming our August guest designer and this month the winner will also receive a gorgeous ribbon Kit from our July Sponsor Angel Crafts - A big thank you to Angela for sponsoring us this month xx

Here's what our fantastic new DT came up with:


-total slob -cannot ever be late -most creative when pressed for time - make my bed before I get into it -can't fall asleep when I have to get up early -hate popsicle sticks touching my teeth


Hidden Journaling says: You have to hug your bolster with you since you were 8 months old. When you will younger, you will kick up a fuss and throw a tantrum if you can't have your bolster when you were sleepy. I had to buy a few spares just in case you threw up or dirtied them, but all you actually cared about was the feel of twilring the small label on the side of the bolster cover when you needed to fall asleep!


Journalling reads: I ike all kinds of food and am willing to try anything once. I do have some quirky tastes however and I can be quite fussy too. For example - I never eat the crusts on the bread when I eat a sandwich but I do when I eat toast. I loved baked beans and I love gravy but cannot bear the two together. Califlower cheese is yummy but I cannot have it on my plate with any other food. I cant stand the sauce on baked beans either so drain this when putting them on my plate.I like butter and I like jam but I cannot eat them together. Curry is delicious as is rice but I cant have the two touching each other on my plate - if it was pasta with a sauce however - well then that is absolutely fine! I am not keen on mushrooms or peas - although I do enjoy mushy peas and I detest with a passion - chilli con carnewhen it is served with a jacket potatoe or rice! I cant stand the texture. I wouldnt say I was a fussy eater persey!! Just particular about certain things I eat together! :)


Ok, so here is the truth, some corky things about me. Some things I keep to myself, some things people already know. I usually keep a chocolate stash somewhere in my scrapbook reoom, I rotate my underware so that it gets worn evenly, I love Diet Pepsi (no secret there), I can't stand finger prints on my stainless steel refrigerator, my feet have to be clean when I get into bed, I spray my dog with cologne spray if he starts to stink, oh yeah, I am truly a brown head, not red head. So, the secrets are out. Some say it is obsessive compulsive, but these are just some of the things that make me, me!

Leanne L

I have a little quirk.....I love collecting ceramic cows..... don't know why just do that is all



As this was a 'me' LO I used my favourite scrapping colours, and some bling! As the journalling explains, I appear cold but I LOVE cuddles! It's a side of me that only my family see!


Journaling reads: "I must wear my hoop earrings at all times! I feel naked without them"


Journaling reads...- I prefer drinking my coffee from white mugs - I always wash my arms first when showering - I have to turn the radio off when parking the car - I always put my left contact in first and take the right out first - I always put sugar & cream in my cup first, then pour the coffee so I don't have to stir it - I have to purel ALL the time and as soon as possible after being in public places

July Guest Designer - Claire

Journalling reads - When there's a table or door frame to walk into, I will. I'm always dropping things too! It's just one of my quirks. My OH and I have learned to laugh it off now. Although surprisingly I have never broken a bone.

We look forward to seeing your creations....


Kit said...

fabulous layouts

Tricia said...

holy moly! these are STUNNING layotus! What a tremendously talented group here!!!!

Jocelyn said...

OH Ladies......these are so great!!! I had such a great time reading about all of our little quirks!!!

Sarah said...

Great challenge and the DT did some amazing work! Love all these LO's! Keep it up girls!

Jodi said...

Awesome job ladies!! WOW!!!!

Frances said...

These are fab ladies!

Maggi said...

What amazing layouts from the DT!

nerllybird said...

Wow, love this challenge, and what awesome pages, ladies!

Timi O. Mercado said...

Great challege! My take is in the gallery at the ning site.


Anonymous said...

Wow! ladies all of you doing fantastic job. It's mind blowing. Great challenge!!! Go ahead.


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Marissa said...

These are fabulous!!! I love what you have all done with this challenge.

my fav is Victoria's. Love the techniques you used.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME challenge.....Jocelyn directed me this is mine...TFL! :):):):):):):):)

Ingrid said...

hi! Hi Karen!I wanted to play along on this challenge, but can't seem to post in the gallery...

Here is a direct link to the LO in my blog.

THANKS! Ingrid

Beautifullily said...

Just managed to get mine finished - on my blog here and I'll add it to the gallery later. Thanks for the challenge

Starr said...

Great LOs everyone. Uploaded my LO to my blog

and the flickr group